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WWF Forest Campaign

As of November 2015, Hanson Plywood have pledged support to the WWF’s Forest Campaign along with over 50 other leading businesses in the UK and two major trade associations.

The WWF’s Forest Campaign aims to eradicate the trade in illegal and unsustainable timber by working to influence key governmental decision-makers at UK and EU level in order to ensure companies dedicated to responsible forest trade can operate on an even playing field.

Hanson Plywood will support the campaign by:

  • Pledging to buy sustainable timber products
  • Supporting the call to close the market to illegal timber
  • Supporting the call for a market in sustainable timber

As part of our commitment to the campaign, we have agreed to make our responsible purchasing performance public. In 2014, 77.39% of our products came from FSC® & PEFC Certified sources.

Throughout 2015, we have aimed to increase this figure to over 80% while working to ensure the remaining 20% are free from the risk of coming from unsustainable and illegal sources under the current EUTR. Figures for 2015 will be available by March 2016.

As one of the largest importers of timber in Europe, the UK plays an important role in influencing the markets. Ensuring the sustainability of forests ultimately ensures the sustainability of the industry. To this end, Hanson Plywood are proud to support the WWF’s Forest Campaign.