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Painting Film Birch Plywood

Sealed edge birch panels with a film face, ideal for painting and lacquering.

To avoid resin bleeding through to the surface of the panel, the film of Painting Film Birch Plywood is non-adhesive. It is bonded to the raw Birch panel using a specifically tailored glue film which is layered between the plywood and the painting film. Both films are then pressed against the board at high temperatures.

The lack of resin on the surface in combination with the more textured feel to the film, makes the product perfect for application and absorption of  latex, alkyd, oil, polyurethane and epoxy based paints.

Typical Applications
  • Painting
  • Lacquering
  • Furniture
  • Shopfitting
  • Sign making
  • Exhibitions & displays
Applicable Standards
  • BS EN 313 – Plywood classification & terminology
  • BS EN 314 – Plywood bonding quality
  • BS EN 635 – Plywood classification by surface appearance
  • BS EN 636 – Plywood specification

Hanson Plywood sources its collection of Painting Film Birch Plywood from FSC® Certified forest concessions. The company’s robust Chain of Custody management system ensures that these certifications are respected and adhered to throughout the supply chain. For further information, please refer to our Environment Page.

Sizes and Colours below are available for immediate dispatch.

2440mm x 1220mm
White Painting Film/Phenol Reverse
2440mm x 1220mm
Grey Painting Film/Phenol Reverse
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