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In Answer to Your Questions

Is Marine Plywood the correct type of panel for construction applications?

No, the specification of Marine Plywood is outdated as applications must be satisfied by products that carry the correct classifications and performance criteria in accordance with BS EN 13986:2004+A1:2015.

Performance Plywood® is an all-encompassing panel which can be used reliably in most applications.

Is the term WBP for plywood glue bonds correct for modern day specifications?

No, under the current Plywood Specifications Standard BS EN 636-3 the correct classification for glue bond is EN 314-2 Class 3 (Exterior conditions)

How can I check compliance with my specifications?

CE marking will be accompanied by a declaration of performance (DOP) which provides proof of classifications and compliance.

Is there such a thing as “exterior grade plywood” which can be used unprotected in external situations?

No, although there are plywood panels bonded with glues which have a high resistance to moisture, all plywood will require some form of protection, or treatment, when subjected to moisture and weathering.

What panels should be used for applications with a high risk of exposure to water and weathering?

Panels compliant with EN 636-3 with a glue bond of EN314-2 Class 3, manufactured with timber that has a natural resistance to decay, or has been preservative treated. Performance Plywood® is recommended.

What plywood panels can be used which give accurate and reliable values for structural load bearing applications?

Birch plywood and some Softwood Plywood panels carry specific load bearing and bending strength data to provide engineers with reliable information for this type of application.

What plywood panels are suitable for plywood floor decks?

A range of constructional grade Softwood and Hardwood plywood panels are available that will satisfy the specific performance criteria required for the application.

I have a project which calls for flame retardant panels, what should I use?

This requires a detailed understanding of the proposed application for the supplier to give accurate and reliable guidance on products. A process of expert consultation will need to take place to ensure the correct products can be specified and used.

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