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Fire Retardant Panels – Building Boards

A range of panels manufactured to intentionally reduce the spread of flames and delay ignition in the event of a fire.

Fire retardant panel products are specified in a wide range of end use applications such as wall linings, partitions, display panels, ceilings etc. Typical installations are: hotel foyers, offices, public libraries, schools, court houses, hospitals, cinemas, shopfitting, bar fitting and some shipbuilding applications.

Plywood Fire Standards

Prior to the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation in July 2013, fire testing and classification was carried out in accordance with the British National Standard, BS 476. The two main classifications were class 1 and class 0.

Class 1: Was classified according to part 7 of BS 476 which required testing on the surface spread of flames. For a class 1 board, the spread of flame had to not be more than 165mm in 10 minutes.

Class 0: Was classified according to part 7 and part 6 of BS 476 and required compliance with the ‘fire Propagation index’ in addition to the surface spread of flames. The fire propagation index measures the head released when timber burns. Panels achieving a class 0 specification needed to have a Fire Propagation index of <12.

The new European Standards (EN 11925 and EN 13823), in particular the Single Burning item test, measure the rate of fire growth, lateral flame spread, total heat release, level of smoke production and number of flaming droplets of a timber product.

UK building Regulations 

In England and Wales, the fire requirements for buildings are dealt with by Approved Document Part B to the Building Regulations. Since the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation, Class 1 and Class 0, in relation to timber cladding and plywood used in permanent construction, are now phased out where a harmonised product standard exists.

Euroclass B transposes to Class 0 and Euroclass C transposes to Class 1 NB: it is not possible to obtain a National Class and sell to a European class or vice versa. In other words, you must carry out testing against European standards to achieve a European classification.

Are the new Euroclasses as good as the old National Standards? 

The simple answer to this is that they are different. Euroclasses are a new set of Reaction to Fire tests that are deemed as acceptable as the old British Standards by UK Building Regulations. Now, for the first time in the UK Building Regulations, these new reaction to fire tests evaluate smoke emission for timber and plywood. Euroclasses are not time rated fire performance classifications so do not offer 30 or 60 minute fire resistance. The finished product requires additional independent testing to achieve such a rating.

Quick Reference Guide – Fire Ratings

A request we commonly receive is that for a panel with a 1 hour or ½ hr fire rating.

30 or 60mins relates to the concept of Fire Resistance and typically relates to the ability of an elevation or door to withstand the passage of a fully developed fire for said amount of time.

Euroclass relates to the concept of Reaction to Fire and focuses on initial fire growth phase. A Euroclass rated panel may form part of a fire barrier system requiring 30 or 60 mins Fire Resistance overall. We recommend that suitability of a Euroclass rated panel within the design is based upon 3rd party assessment or independent testing specific to the project in question.

There are 7 Euroclass classifications ranging from A1 to F. In line with the Construction Products Regulation (2013) each Euroclass rating requires testing against the relevant European fire test methods – see table below.

Hanson Plywood offer a range of panels manufactured with an A1 rating (see below). Untreated wood-based panels such as plywood, OSB, MDF & Chipboard typically achieve a Euroclass D or E rating. Fire rated panels can be supplied to a Euroclass B or Euroclass C fire performance as required depending upon regulatory requirements.

European Test Standard
National Class (England & Wales)
National Test Standard (England & Wales)
BS EN ISO 1182 BS EN ISO 1716
BS 476: Part 4
BS EN ISO 1182 BS EN ISO 1716 BS EN 13823
Limited combustibility
BS 476: Part 11
BS EN 13823 BS EN 11925-2
BS 476: Part 6 BS 476: Part 7
BS EN 13823 BS EN 11925-2
1 & 2
BS 476 : Part 7
BS EN 13823 BS EN 11925-2
BS 476: Part 7
BS EN 11925-2
BS 476 : Part 7
No performance determined
No Test
Quick Reference Guide - A1 Non-Combustible Building Boards
Internal Use
External Use
Cutting Method
Racking to BS594
Fire rating
Fire Resistant
  • Bathrooms and shower areas
  • Wet and humid areas
  • Swimming pools
  • Passive fire protection boards
  • OSM, pods and park homes
  • Timber frame racking board
  • SIPS fire mitigation sheathing
  • Soffit strips and cavity closures
  • Fire rated stuf partition walls
  • Large sheet tile backer
  • Boiler Banking Board
  • Render carrier board
  • Suitable for use with acrylic brick strips, stone cladding etc
  • Solid fuel surround
Score and
Score and
Score and
Score and
A1 Non
A1 Non
A1 Non
A1 Non
Load and
60, 90 and
120 minutes
60 minutes
Fire Retardant Panels – Building Board Products

Fire Retardant Birch Plywood EN 636-2 • EN 314-2 Class 3 Glue Bond • CE Marked • FSC® Certified

Treated Birch Plywood meeting the requirements of Euro Class B and suitable for structural applications.

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Fire Retardant Poplar Plywood- Pangua-Fire FR Euroclass B • EN 13501-1 • EN 636-1 • EN314-2 Class 1 Glue Bond • PEFC™ or FSC® Certified

Pressure impregnated, fire retardant Poplar Plywood suitable for interior applications.

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Fire Retardant MDF MDF • Fire Retardant • EN 13501-1 • CE Marked • FSC® and PEFC™

Thoroughly tested medium density fibreboard panels for use in public buildings where fire retardant panels are required by building regulations.

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Fire Retardant Plywood Fire Retardant • EN 13501-1

Chemically treated plywood with improved fire retardant attributes.

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Fire Retardant OSB FSC® SmartPly FR OSB/3 - CE Marked

Oriented Strand Board treated with a fire retardant solution during production.

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Fire Retardant Chipboard P2 • EN 13501-1 • CE Marked • PEFC™ Certified

P2 Furniture Grade Chipboard treated with fire retardand phosphate salts to meet Euroclass B.

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Magnesium-based, water resistant, tile backer board that does not swell, rot or degrade following contact with moisture.

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A multi-purpose building panel with excellent thermal and moisture performance.

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Multi-Pro XS

Strengthened magnesium oxide panel suitable for interior and exterior applications.

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A high strength, external render carrier board which offers an alternative to block and render, brick, masonry or cladding finishes.

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