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Decorative Panel Products

Decorative Veneered Birch Plywood EN 636-2 • EN 314-2 Class 3 Glue Bond • E1 Emissions • CE Marked • FSC® Certified

Decorative veneers on a high performing, structural birch plywood core.

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Decorative Veneered MDF

Real wood veneers bonded to medium density fibreboard panels.

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Melamine Faced Chipboard

Chipboard panels coated with a decorative & resin-permeated paper overlay.

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Decorative Veneered Blockboard EN 636-1 • EN 314-2 Class 1 Glue Bond • CE Marked • FSC® Certified

Lightweight blockboard panels veneered with attractive & authentic decorative veneers.

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Melamine Faced MDF

Medium density fibreboard panels coated with a decorative & resin-permeated paper overlay.

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Flexi Veneer

Decorative authentic wood veneers specifically manufactured to be applied to any subtstrate.

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Edging Tape

Veneer or Melamine tape to be applied to the edges of panels to give a decorative finish to the visible core.

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Decorative Veneered Plywood

High quality decorative veneers on light weight, poplar core plywood.

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Decorative Panels

Hanson Plywood Ltd supply an eclectic range of real wood veneer and melamine finished panel products.

In addition to the decorative panels we hold on stock, we also offer a diverse range of custom veneering solutions to meet any unique decorative demands. From our extensive network of suppliers and access to a wealth of raw material, we can offer many combinations of veneer, melamine and laminate on almost any available substrate.

Please contact our sales team for further information on decorative panels not listed in the below products.

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Decorative Panels Specifiers Guide

Real Wood Veneers

Unlike imitation wood such as melamine or laminate, wood veneers are extremely unique and thus are essential for high-end applications. Each species has its own particular character and no two will exhibit the exact same colour or texture.
Veneers are cut from the log in different ways to produce different characteristics in colour and grain. Examples of 3 of the peeling techniques can be seen below:

Images courtesy of Decospan

We primarily stock Crown Cut and Quarter Cut veneers but are able to provide bespoke solutions and more specialised panels on request.

Please note the following when viewing decorative products with real wood veneers:

  • C/C means Crown Cut
  • Q/C means Quarter Cut

Melamine finishes are created using a resin-impregnated paper which is bonded to the panel.

The benefit of this is that paper can be printed to mimic real wood and a variety of other coloured finished, meaning that melamine panels have almost unlimited possibilities.

While we stock White, Cream and Black with textured and smooth finishes on our melamine panels, we are able to source a full variety of different finishes to meet customer requirements. Downloadable content from our Suppliers are available on our Melamine Faced MDF and Melamine Faced Chipboard product pages with the full range of available finishes.