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Fire Retardant Chipboard

P2 Furniture Grade Chipboard treated with fire retardant phosphate salts to meet Euroclass B.

Chipboard panels designed specifically to prevent the surface spread of flames and prevent the ignition of flames. Spano Antivlam Chipboard maintains its mechanical strength and integrity after the event of a fire.

This product is suitable for interior, non-structural applications where the chance of wetting is minimal.

Typical Applications
  • Furniture
  • Door blank cores
  • Wall skins
  • Veneering
  • Laminating
  • General joinery
  • Shop fitting
  • Bar fitting
Applicable Standards
  • BS EN 312 – Particleboard specifications
  • BS EN 309 – Particleboards: Definition and Classification
  • EN ISO 11925 – Ignitability test.
  • BS EN 13501-1 – Single Burning Item Test
  • European Class B/C Fire Ratings

Hanson Plywood sources its collection of Fire Retardant Chipboard Panels from PEFC™ Certified forest concessions. The company’s robust Chain of Custody management system ensures that the certification is respected and adhered to throughout the supply chain. For further information, please refer to our Environment Page.

Chipboard is commonly manufactured with around 65%-70% recycled material and is further recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

Quick Reference Guide – Fire Ratings

A request we commonly receive is that for a panel with a 1 hour or ½ hr fire rating.

30 or 60mins relates to the concept of Fire Resistance and typically relates to the ability of an elevation or door to withstand the passage of a fully developed fire for said amount of time.

Euroclass relates to the concept of Reaction to Fire and focuses on initial fire growth phase. A Euroclass rated panel may form part of a fire barrier system requiring 30 or 60 mins Fire Resistance overall. We recommend that suitability of a Euroclass rated panel within the design is based upon 3rd party assessment or independent testing specific to the project in question.

There are 7 Euroclass classifications ranging from A1 to F. In line with the Construction Products Regulation (2013) each Euroclass rating requires testing against the relevant European fire test methods – see table below.

Hanson Plywood offer a range of panels manufactured with an A1 rating (see below). Untreated wood-based panels such as plywood, OSB, MDF & Chipboard typically achieve a Euroclass D or E rating. Fire rated panels can be supplied to a Euroclass B or Euroclass C fire performance as required depending upon regulatory requirements.

Performance description
National Class (England & Wales)
National Test Standard (England & Wales)
BS EN ISO 1182
BS EN ISO 1716
BS 476: Part 4
BS EN ISO 1182
BS EN ISO 1716
BS EN 13823
Limited combustibility
BS 476: Part 11
BS EN 13823
BS EN 11925-2
BS 476: Part 6
BS 476: Part 7
Bfl (Flooring only)
EN ISO 9239-1
EN ISO 11925-2
BS EN 13823
BS EN 11925-2
1 & 2
BS 476 : Part 7
BS EN 13823
BS EN 11925-2
BS 476: Part 7
BS EN 11925-2
BS 476 : Part 7
No performance determined
No Test
2500mm x 1250mm
3050mm x 1250mm
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