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OSB Products

Fire Retardant OSB FSC® SmartPly FR OSB/3 - CE Marked

Oriented Strand Board treated with a fire retardant solution during production.

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OSB/3 EN 300 • CE Marked • FSC® Certified

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) that is conditioned for structural applications in humid environments.

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SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT EN 300 • CE Marked • Edge Sealed • FSC® Certified

Pre-coated site hoarding panel designed to save both time and money.

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OSB is an engineered panel product made up of small strands of wood, compressed into layers to form a mat. It has good dimensional stability with no knots or voids in the structure.

OSB has properties very similar to plywood but has a number of clear benefits. Firstly OSB suffers from no ‘natural defects’ such as weak areas, knots and core voids as it is made from wood strands. Secondly it can be manufactured from environmentally friendly & fast growing wood species, it can even be recycled at the end of its useful life. It can also be drilled, sanded, sawn, stained, planed, painted and routed.

Different grades and thicknesses are available making this product suitable for use in a wide range of structural and non-structural applications.

A complete range of OSB, including FSC® certified products, is available for immediate delivery ex stock.



OSB Specifiers Guide

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EN 300 - Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) - Definitions, classification and specification

In accordance with the harmonised European standard for CE marking wood-based panel products (EN 13986), OSB must meet the requirements of EN 300. EN 300 gives the general requirements for determining the appropriate application of OSB panels and which test methods should be used.

The standard lists values that relate to product properties but they are not characteristic values to be used in design calculations. In order to use OSB in a structural design, characteristic values should be determined using EN 789 and EN 1058 or with EN 12369-1.

There are 4 types of panel classification that OSB panels can meet the requirements for. These are listed in the h Quick Reference Guide for OSB below.

Smartply OSB Production Video

Please watch the video below to view the manufacturing process of Smarply OSB.

Quick Reference Guide - OSB
Application & Climatic Conditions
Use Class (EN 335)
Non-Structural, interior fitments including furniture
Use Class 1
Internal, structural applications
Use Class 1
Structural applications similar to those listed above, however OSB/3 is is suitable for use in humid conditions
Use Class 1 & 2
Heavy-duty structural applications in humid conditions
Use Class 1 & 2