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Hanson Plywood’s Virtual Showroom!

For some time, we have been exploring ways to make life easier for businesses and individuals to connect with Hanson Plywood and obtain concise and informative detail about our operations and services. The unwelcome arrival of the viral pandemic encouraged us to forge ahead with our efforts as we can now see a definitive need for digital/virtual services that provide a resource which eliminates some of the health risks associated with close social interaction.

A significant focus of our endeavours has been the creation of our Hanson Plywood Virtual Showroom. It is intended to be an ideal platform for Architects, Designers & Specifiers to view a range of the products and services we offer, along with accompanying technical data/information.

Our aim is to provide as much relevant information as possible within the Virtual Showroom which you can access in the comfort of your home/office.

We plan to further develop this resource by adding new products/information for our visitors and we will keep everyone updated with any new features.

Please click on the image below to be directed to the showroom and take a look around, remember to use the live chat feature or call 01422 330 444 if you have any questions to ask.