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Marine Plywood Announcement

Following extensive consultation with our suppliers it is clear that Far Eastern commercial Marine Plywood which truly meets BS1088 is becoming very difficult to source. It is our opinion that genuine product that does meet the standard will be far too expensive for the construction applications that the product is commonly specified for.

Marine Plywood has been specified, mostly in construction applications, in the belief that it is simply a high quality product. We firmly consider this practice to be outdated and advise that all specifications should be satisfied with products that are fit for purpose taking into account the application and the particular performance criteria required.

Hanson Plywood have therefore concluded that commercial Marine Plywood is no longer an appropriate product for our portfolio and we are replacing it with our  Hanson Performance Panels which are fully approved and give guaranteed performance and peace of mind for construction applications.

High Performance Marine Plywood which is fully BS1088 compliant (for marine applications) still remains as part of our product range.

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