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We are very excited to announce that our first 100% electrically powered HGV has arrived!!

This vehicle will be powered by a Zero-Carbon Energy Supply and will offer some of our local customers the opportunity to receive their products with an ‘Eco Friendly Delivery Option’.

We have partnered with Volvo to purchase this vehicle as we felt that they were the most advanced along their EV HGV journey.

 As a company, we are aiming to significantly reduce our carbon emissions, the delivery of our first heavy goods electric vehicle is definitely a step in the right direction, and we will continue this work to reach our environmental targets.

Hanson Plywood have always put sustainability first when it comes to the import and distribution of our products. We like to constantly improve the way we work in regard to all things environmental, technical and ethical.

The new Volvo FH electric provides excellent comfort and has a carbon footprint that matches our needs as well as having zero exhaust emissions.

The decision to purchase this vehicle was based on the benefits it would have to the environment and to push sustainability in our industry. We hope to constantly add to our EV fleet in the future with the overall aim to reduce our vehicle emissions.

Technical Information

We specified a 4×2 tractor unit coupled to a brand new 36ft tandem axle rear steer curtain side trailer. This gives us a 20-ton payload (with the 2-ton EV dispensation) and the flexibility to access practically any delivery point that a 6×2 Rigid would. The vehicle will only need to work during the day so that gives us at least a nine-hour overnight window to charge the vehicle on site. So far, the vehicle is achieving the 170 miles that Volvo had promised, and this range is enough to reach a lot of our customers in the north of England.