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Virtual Showroom: Phase 2!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Phase 2 of our Hanson Plywood Virtual Showroom.

Amongst the many additional features, we have a Product Focus presentation, and we are delighted that our friends at MEDITE SMARTPLY have been enthusiastic to work with us as we lead off with them in our very first partner presentation within the Showroom.

The virtual nature of the showroom is intended to be an ideal environment for Architects, Designers, Specifiers, or anyone with an interest in wood-based panels, to view a detailed and comprehensive range of products and services without the need to travel to a physical showroom or event.

Phase 2 developments now include:

  • Sample Sections in each product tabs in the main showroom.
  • An in-depth panel gallery situated at the back of the showroom.
  • An exciting Product Focus TV feature, with a new product/supplier featured every month. Take a look at what MEDITE SMARTPLY can offer.
  • An OSB, MDF and Chipboard product section.
  • An Ipad in the library to enable visitors to ‘visit the factory’ and view product manufacturing videos.
  • A trade section in the library.

Feel free to take a tour around the showroom and view the new features, we plan to keep the updates/phases frequent so please keep linked in with us throughout our virtual journey.


Click on the image to take the tour