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How to book your RIBA CPD seminar

Our RIBA CPD is available either face to face or virtually via Teams/Zoom.

Hanson Plywood is proud to form part of the Approved RIBA CPD Providers Network offering a unique and informative virtual CPD entitled:

‘Plywood: A Definitive Guide to Specification’

This virtual CPD forms part of the RIBA Core Curriculum programme and offers architects, specifiers and designers the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge relating to the manufacture and selection of plywood as a construction product in line with European Standards leading to more informed specification.

The seminar focuses on:

  • The key features and origination of plywood within a global context.
  • The legal and environmental framework that impacts on plywood specification.
  • The key aspects and variability of the plywood manufacturing process.
  • The origination of Marine Plywood and the disconnect with current European Plywood Standards.
  • The European Technical Standards that underpin robust plywood specification.
  • The key features of the different birch plywood face grades available.
  • Reaction to Fire European Standards applicable to plywood.


  • This lunchtime seminar will last 50-60 minutes which includes time for Q&A’s.
  • Double CPD points are awarded to attendees.
  • Certificates of Attendance are issued upon completion of the seminar.

Next Steps

To book your CPD please call 01422 330444 and talk to our specification adviser or click below to enquire:



What our clients are saying

I was a 'marine ply' specifier! I am now reformed.
Lots of info & really useful rather than just a sales pitch, answered all questions.
I'll be giving much more thought to what I am specifying instead of just generic plywood.
Jacqui presented really well and one of the most informative in a long time .
Very well presented, concise and clear and tailored to architect specifying which was great. Enjoyed the background and how it is made highlighting the difference between good plywood and poor plywood, was really useful as well.
Excellent and informative presentation, Thank you.
Fantastic CPD, the delivery was excellent and engaging. Wouldn't change anything and would highly recommend.