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Toy/ Model Making
Commercial/ Leisure Vehicles
Boat/ Yacht Building
Shop/ Bar Fitting
Laser Cutting
Theatre Sets
Product Features
  • Available with PEFC™ or  FSC® certification.
  • NAF (No Added Formaldehyde) resin.
  • High uniformity on face and back veneers.
  • Lightweight Construction.
  • Glue Bond ideal for laser cutting.
  • Moisture content between 8 and 13%.
  • Sustainable plantation species

Panguaneta Plywood is available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes. Please view the Panguaneta Brochure in the ‘Useful Information’ section to view the full range of products available.

Applicable Standards
  • BS EN 313 – Plywood classification & terminology.
  • BS EN 314 – Plywood bonding quality.
  • BS EN 635 – Plywood classification by surface appearance.
  • BS EN 636 – Plywood specification.
  • BS EN 717-2 – Formaldehyde Release.
  • CARB (California Air Resources Board) No Added Formaledhyde Standard.

Panguaneta Pure Glue Eco Poplar Thoughout Plywood is  PEFC™ certified, with  FSC® available on request.

The Poplar used in Pure Glue Eco Poplar Throughout Plywood is a very specific strain of the fast-growing I-214 Italian clone specifically developed for the plywood industry and it is harvested in Northern Italy on the banks of the River Po. The species is synonymous with environmental protection as it is known to improve the quality of air and water, protect the biodiversity of natural habitats and is a renewable and sustainable resource.

Panguaneta has implemented and plays a leading role in an exemplary programme for the sustainable development of the Poplar industry in Italy; the ‘100% Poplar Made in Italy’ label. The company is also a member of the world organisation ‘Pro-Populus’ which is active in the promotion and environmental safeguarding of poplar trees.

Panguaneta does not make use of wood harvested from areas where traditions or civil rights have been violated or where there are ongoing armed conflicts. All timber found in Panguaneta Pure Glue Eco Poplar Plywood is from areas that have not been menaced or illegally cultivated nor do they source from from natural areas converted into plantations with genetically modified trees (GMOs).


Quick Reference Guide - Pure Glue Eco Poplar Throughout Plywood

Pure Glue Eco Plywood combines the lightweight nature and decorative face of Poplar Throughout Plywood with a non-toxic, formaldehyde-free glue for improved air quality.

It is constructed using an innovative new bonding system as the result of a collaboration between Panguaneta SPA and Solensis LLC. The product is manufactured using Soyad™ technology; an environmentally-friendly adhesive that is formulated using a proprietary cross-linking resin and natural soy flour.

This provides a strong and moisture resistant bond with no added Formaldehyde which is capable of meeting  numerous globally recognised emissions standards such as California Air Resources Board’s No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) regulation.

Grades below are determined in reference to EN 635.