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Virtual Showroom: Phase 2!


We are pleased to announce the arrival of Phase 2 of our Hanson Plywood Virtual Showroom. Amongst the many additional features, we have a Product Focus presentation, and we are delighted that our friends at MEDITE SMARTPLY have been enthusiastic to work with us as we lead off with them in our…

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2021 Hanson Brochure


We have also launched our 2021 brochure, please click the image below to view the brochure.  Alternatively, you can view the brochure next to the reception desk in our showroom. Just click here

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Hanson Plywood’s Virtual Showroom!


For some time, we have been exploring ways to make life easier for businesses and individuals to connect with Hanson Plywood and obtain concise and informative detail about our operations and services. The unwelcome arrival of the viral pandemic encouraged…

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The Specifiers Guide – Fire Retardant Panels


We have launched a new addition to our Specifiers Guide collection. We are pleased to present the 'Fire Retardant Panels Specifiers Guide' This document provides clear and comprehensive information on our Fire Retardant Panels product range. Please click below to…

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The Plywood Specifiers Guides- Full Range


We have launched informative guides for our specialist range of plywood products, including: Performance Plywood® SP101 Flooring Plywood® Birch Plywood Poplar Plywood These documents provide simple, but comprehensive information about each product we stock within that range. If you have…

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Covid-19 Message


Our operations and services are being conducted in accordance with Government guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please click here to view all government guidelines on Covid-19.   

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Have you ever wondered why Marine Plywood is referred to in construction applications?


Please click the Performance Plywood® logo below to find out more information on this topic.  

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Hanson Plywood 2020 Brochure


We are pleased to announce that our 2020 Brochure is hot off the press and will be launched at UKCW! The guide is a concise and easily usable reference document for buying and specification purposes. Please stop by our stands…

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Birch, Poplar & Performance Specifier Guides


Please take a look at our useful Specifier Guides for Birch, Poplar and Performance Plywood. These documents provide simple but comprehensive information about each product we stock within that range. The documents will be showcased at UKCW next week on…

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LAUNCH: Performance Plywood® – for the construction industry


We have launched an informative guide to help in the specification of Performance Plywood® for the construction industry. The guide is a concise and easily usable reference document which is intended to highlight the following: Why Performance Plywood® should be…

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