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Birch Plywood – Models, Toys & Crafts

Plywood panels which are tailored for the model, toy and craft industries

Our extensive range of birch plywood for models, toys and crafts is produced by a number of manufacturers who are known worldwide for their technical knowledge and ability to produce very high-quality plywood. Products are produced using selected premium birch logs to ensure that every stringent requirement that the industry may have is fully satisfied.

Key Attributes

The industry has a specific need for a range of birch plywood products which will satisfy criteria including:

  • Clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Stability and ease of machining
  • Mechanical strength
  • Flexibility for bending and forming
  • Good core composition
  • Glue bonding for both exterior and interior applications
  • Panels specifically for laser or waterjet cutting
  • EN-71-3 Safety requirement for toys (where required)
Applicable Standards
  • BS EN 313 – Plywood classification & terminology
  • BS EN 314-2 – Plywood bonding quality
  • BS EN 635 – Plywood classification by surface appearance & specification
  • BS EN 636 – Plywood specification
  • EN 71-3 – Safety of Toys

PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) plays a leading role in Finland’s forest industry with more than 20 million hectares (90%) of Finnish forest being PEFC™ Certified. This makes Finland the country with the third  In particular, PEFC™ in Finland promotes policies such as the retention of 10 trees per hectare in forest concessions in order to aid forest regeneration and reduce the environmental impact that logging has on the ecosystem.

Hanson Thin Birch Plywood is manufactured entirely from PEFC™ certified logs so the collection of products all carry the percentage claim of 100%.

Our supplier employs the use of reduced impact logging, state of the art machinery and satellite harvesting felling instructions which allow for the sustainable harvest of raw logs in addition to the protection of Finland’s forests.

2440 x 1200
1200 X 2400
1525 x 1525
1220 x 1220
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